Ways We Can Conserve Our Natural Resources

Published: 05th November 2009
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There are a myriad of ways in today's world to conserve our natural resources. Take some time to look at all the resources you consume and find ways to limit their usage. For example natural gas is a resource we as race use all of the time and in some cases very large quantities.

We can conserve this natural resource in few different ways. Many people will use natural gas to heat their home, and heat their water. If you purchase a tankless water heater, you are helping conserve our resource of natural gas.
Another way to conserve this precious resource is to find a new alternative and safe way of heating your home. Using a renewable energy source like Wind power, Hydropower, or Solar power would reduce your usage of natural gas.

These clean, renewable and efficient energy sources are a great benefit to the environment and to you. These natural and renewable energy sources are very similar to each other in how they work.

Take wind power for example, by placing large wind turbines in a windy area they will be spun by the wind generating energy that you can use for electricity.
The same concept goes with Hydropower, at dams, large turbines that are pushed by rushing water generates a substantial amount of power and energy.
Solar power will use a solar panel to collect the sun's rays to be converted into a natural, clean source of energy for you and your family. These three options of alternative energy will help you save the environment, our resource, and your money.

Another natural resource that is in need of conserving is our trees and forests. Lumber is put to use in many ways like, building materials, fuel, and paper products. We consume a substantial amount of lumber every year. Moreover, we as humans have a tendency to use more than we replenish.

This is causing mass destruction to wild life and plant life. As the number of trees and forests are decreasing for the large demand of lumber people are starting to realize just how much we need to conserve this natural resource. There are many ways that this can be accomplished.

You can at first start by limiting your use of paper products and by not wasting them. Paper products that are made from trees like envelopes, paper plates, cups and even sheets of paper. By limiting your usage of these products you are decreasing the large demand for the resource.

A larger step in helping conserve this natural resource is through the use of recycling. If you become active in recycling these products, and start buying recycled items you are playing a large role in helping to conserve our natural resources.

Oil and fossil fuels are another big concern in our world today. Not only do we consume so much of it on a daily basis that the fumes emitted from burning said fuels are harmful to the environment. Fossil fuels are not an infinite natural resource that we have it is limited.

The more and more we use the less there is for future generations. Because when this resource runs out, it will not return. There are ways you can conserve and limit the use of this natural resource. For example, hybrid cars are now available for people to buy and switch over to a more "green" vehicle. These are just some of the ways to go green and conserve our natural resources.

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