The Dirty Water Bowl Cat Tales

Published: 27th October 2009
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This is actually something many pet owners do not bother asking. It takes the concerned owners to stand up and ask.

The Simple Answer
This is very simple to answer. We all know that an animal needs fresh water daily to make sure that it remains healthy. Water is essential when it comes to flushing toxins out the blood. Water also helps keep organ tissue healthy and hydrated.

The Cat Dehydration Answer
Dehydration in animals is very dangerous, and if it is not treated, it could cause death. Kidney failure in cats, chronic or acute, will then require certain fluids to be given intravenously or via a drip. The latter is a process that is normally performed at home. This is a procedure that the owner can learn easily and then perform without assistance. After these treatments, improvements are visible.

The Excessive Drinking Answer
Excessive drinking can cause feline diabetes or feline hyperthyroidism. You may find that cats drink more water during the hot months. It is important that you make sure that your cat drinks normally. If a cat suddenly consumes too much water, this can also show symptoms, and immediate veterinary help will be required.

The Scientific Answer
A cat's body is made up with about 67 percent of water. The biggest coincidence is that this number is equivalent to the water contained in the prey cats catch and devour.

Dry foods like pellets contain only around 10 percent. Wet foods on the other hand contain around 78 percent water.

With this said a cat that only lives on a dry food diet will obviously need to consume more water than a cat on canned or raw food.

If your cat lives on a combination of dry and wet food, you also need more water than a cat on wet food alone.

The Fact Check Answer
If you are looking for a recommendation then try the following.

Make sure that there is always a clean bowl containing fresh water, regardless of the diet. However, make sure that it has an automatic water dispenser.

Pay attention to dehydration and the signs. You can perform a test by pulling the loose skin at the nape of the cat's neck. It will spring back if the cat is hydrated. Suspect dehydration if it recedes slowly.

If you are concerned, try adding water to the cat's food and two ice cubes to the drinking water. This will make things more interesting. If the skin on the neck recedes very slowly, and the cat also shows signs of sickness, call the vet immediately.

Pay attention to the way your cat drinks water. This way you will know if things are not going well if your furry friend suddenly stays off from the water. Pay attention to excessive drinking, too. Call a vet if you notice obvious changes in the cat's habits.

There is not much to do when it comes to making sure your pet cat is properly hydrated. It might seem hard to keep up at first, but soon it will become a habit and you will forget you are doing it.

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